SAP Industrial Security


Industry, SAP-Systems and IoT


The term IoT brings together different levels. These are the level of products, their manufacture, their operation and their marketing value. The fact that behind all these attributes safety also has a function of the same importance in every level is often overlooked and sometimes overlooked cost-consciously.

Security Dimension of SAP Leonardo

In order to secure the dimension created by the convergence of these areas, from development to manufacturing and marketing, many considerations are needed. In the end, IoT levels and the security requirements of the IoT are tense, setting the agenda for security in the IoT.


Protect SAP Industry Systems - from PLM to SCADA

SAP Leonardo and the industrial Internet of Things

The commercial promise behind the IoT, especially in connection with new manufacturing techniques, new manufacturing design in the diverse industries and the distribution of products with completely new skills. The networking of things and the communication of things with each other via the Internet are the basic components, the "building blocks" from which old products can be transformed and renewed, and new products that were previously not possible can be brought onto the production plan. Like all enthusiasm for new worlds, so should in the current "hype", the media excitement about the possibilities of the IoT, a significant amount of skepticism creep in.

  Securing Industrial Environments in the SAP Environment  

The attack on industrial systems is superficially very simple. The technology of the '90s and' 90s of the last century is extremely vulnerable, poorly protected and usually built without any security precautions. A simple "full service scan" by a pen test tool can paralyze an industrial Ethernet controller alone. On the other hand, such a hack also requires physical access to the network segment of the industrial networks and appropriate knowledge of the controllers and their machines used. This matter is highly complex and in many cases very dedicated to machines. Industrial Security requires a lot of experience in production environments

Together, this results in a security scenario that contains very complex aspects and can not be successful without many years of experience in logistics and production control. Log (2) has decades of experience in complex SAP production projects, including control of high bay warehouse systems and machine control through SAP systems. Our expertise in logistics, SAP security and hardware security form a perfect unit to undertake security projects in the field of industrial control (ICS) and control systems (SCADA).

Challenges in Security Testing and Industrial Environment Analysis

Just as with SAP and software-oriented pen testing, we can analyze production environments and identify weaknesses. Since typically in production environments there is little time or it is impossible to intervene on production machines, we have created our security lab. Here we can build simulations for all typical systems (Siemens S7, Rockwell and more recently Industrial Arduino) and test them for safety. This is always important, especially in complex 24/7 production environments

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