IT & SAP Security Analysis

An IT security audit, also known as an IT security audit or assessment, is critical to an organization’s cybersecurity strategy.

Safety analysis & risk assessment

Security management is critical to protecting your business from the growing threat of IT breaches.

Our strategic security risk management analysis and services help you proactively identify and assess potential security threats and implement effective controls to mitigate those risks. Our team of experts can assist you with this:

Identification of vulnerabilities in SAP systems

A security audit helps uncover vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors in a company's SAP systems. This is critical to taking appropriate protective measures and reducing the risk of cyber-attacks on mission-critical applications and processes.

Protection of SAP data and information

Companies increasingly rely on their SAP systems to store and process sensitive data and information. A security check ensures that this data is protected from unauthorized access and misuse.

Guidelines & Jurisdiction for SAP Systems

In many countries and industries, there are regulations and laws on IT security that companies must comply with. A safety audit helps verify compliance with these requirements and avoid potential penalties or sanctions....

Customer and business partner confidence in SAP solutions

A strong cyber security strategy for SAP systems, based on regular security audits, shows customers and business partners that the company takes their data seriously and strives to protect it. This can boost confidence in the company and its SAP solutions.

Early detection and response in SAP systems

Security audits enable companies to detect and respond to threats and attacks on their SAP systems at an early stage. This can minimize the potential damage and speed up the recovery of affected systems.

Security culture in SAP environments

A regular security audit promotes a culture of security within a company with regard to SAP systems by raising awareness of IT security risks and helping all employees better understand their role in maintaining security...

Overall, an SAP systems security audit goes a long way toward strengthening an organization’s cybersecurity strategy and protecting the IT infrastructure, data and applications in SAP environments from potential threats.

We offer a fast and uncomplicated review of your SAP system, which takes only a few days. The audit is based on our findings from other projects and forensics on how SAP systems are attacked and sensible countermeasures to this.

International experience with small, medium and large SAP customers has shaped our sense of the different threat and interest situations. We offer the right analysis for every company.