Pen Test on Cloud Solutions & SAP BTP

External applications and cloud solutions, not only in the area of SAP, require special attention in the area of IT security
Security testing for cloud, SAP BTP and hybrid landscapes

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Attack and risk analysis on SAP cloud environments

The SAP cloud offers many advantages, such as scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency. Precisely because of these advantages, more and more companies are using the cloud to store and process their sensitive corporate data. The cloud therefore also presents special challenges for information security, as data and applications are shared in a common infrastructure and environment.

This protection requirement is therefore tested and challenged by us in a Pen Test

We verify that the data is stored securely in the cloud to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the data. To do this, we attack the technologies such as encryption and access control.

We check for unauthorized access to the cloud. The goal is to exploit and bypass the identity and access rights of the users within the Pen test

The use of the cloud must be in accordance with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements. In the Pen Test, we check whether companies and providers ensure that their data and applications in the cloud meet the requirements of applicable laws and regulations.

Companies should ensure that they work with trusted cloud providers that can guarantee the security and integrity of the data. This is exactly what we are checking.

It is important to have a clear incident response plan in place to quickly respond to security incidents in the cloud. We challenge the SOC and review what actions are taken in the event of an incident to minimize the impact on data and applications….

Audit of the entire cloud landscape

We check the entire cloud landscape

Whether overall architecture or singular web application - ask us for a concrete Pen Test scenario