Secure ABAP source code

SAP ABAP – custom application development is consistently one of the main attack vectors for criminal activity and fraud

Attacks on the customer's own code

From our own practice we know that every intrusion, every hack and every SAP security incident involves, for example, infiltrated SAP ABAP code at the customer’s site.
The consequences are often far-reaching.

Analysis of the customer's own source code

There are tools that can be used to analyze the customer's own programs in a mass procedure.

"Get Clean" and "Stay Clean"

The results and insights gained from this must then be transferred into a vulnerability remediation project ("Get Clean") and then into a "Secure ABAP Programming" project ("Stay Clean")!

Trojan search

More and more attack vectors on SAP systems have to do with ABAP code that is used as a Trojan or that poses a threat in itself

Remote Support

All work in the ABAP analysis of the customer's own source code can be performed remotely

Package price

We offer all Pen Tests at a package price that is also interesting for SMEs!

SAP Developer

Our employees and pen testers are all former SAP developers who are often invited to speak at international conferences.