SIEM Solutions & IT Security Law

Security Event Management (SIEM) systems are a basic prerequisite for effective monitoring of IT systems.

Security Event Management systems (SIEM) and the SAP Security Audit Log

This also and especially concerns SAP systems with the SAP Security Audit Log.

The new IT Security Act 2.0 obliges all CRITIS companies to implement and use it on a daily basis in the SAP area as well. However, this should be done even if the current legislation does not explicitly require it. Hackers do not care about legal requirements

Monitor and analyze

Monitor and analyze network activity in real time to detect unusual or suspicious behavior.

Correlate data

Correlate log data from multiple sources to identify and prioritize security threats....


Automate incident response and reduce the time it takes to respond to a security incident.

24/7 Online Support

Our projects usually have high availability for critical systems as a goal

Solution for all company sizes

Both in terms of the price for licenses and implementation, but also for operational support - our projects and products are also suitable for SME companies.

Compliance management

Meet compliance requirements by capturing, analyzing, and reporting on security-related data Improve incident management by providing forensic data for incident investigations