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Which projects are suitable for this format of the “SAP Security Jour Fixe” and which tasks can be processed in this way?

There are a series of projects that are important for all SAP landscapes. Depending on the scope of SAP security efforts to date, these projects may need to be set up or continued. During the process, the SAP environment is continuously secured, hardened and monitored according to the latest findings.

Central monitoring of SAP systems after security incidents (Security Information Management System SIEM) – a central requirement of the new IT security law

Integration of all security activities with service providers, data centers and internal stakeholders

The central anchor point is a regularly recurring meeting of all project participants, which is moderated and serves to exchange and improve the knowledge of the project base.

We as log(2), who know the specific requirements of the customer from the project, make direct recommendations as to what needs to be put in and how and in what criticality. The resulting learning process regarding the critical classification of safety issues and their direct remediation is always an important component for the project work

We initially start with an assessment, a determination of the current safety situation. This may have been done through existing security policies or through security analyses and reviews such as pen tests that have already been performed.

Of course, we can also perform an appropriately set up pen test, which provides the basis for further project work.

From this, the further medium-term cooperation through the Jour Fixe can develop with manageable effort

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