OpenAI, Security and the tidal wave of artificial intelligence

Unsere Aktivitäten und Produkte m Bereich KI und OpenAI in Zusammarbeit mit dem Microsoft Founder Startup Hub

OpenAI and Artificial Intelligence

The IT world will be hit by a tidal wave

Die Zukunft der KI

We are proud partner of Microsoft in there OpenAI Startup Hub. AI is revolutionizing the world, enabling faster, more efficient, and more accurate solutions to everyday tasks. By automating mundane, repetitive tasks, AI can save businesses time and money while allowing programmers to focus on more effective algorithms.

OpenAI in SAP Code Security

Elevate Your Code Quality and Performance

OpenAI's advanced analysis capabilities detect potential issues, bugs, and vulnerabilities in your custom ABAP code, allowing you to proactively address concerns and improve overall code quality. With performance optimization suggestions, OpenAI ensures your SAP applications run smoothly and efficiently, delivering a superior user experience. Don't let outdated code analysis methods hold you back – OpenAI is here to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Discover the Power of OpenAI for SAP ABAP Custom Code Analysis

Unlock the full potential of your SAP ABAP custom code with OpenAI. Our cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the way you analyze and optimize your code, streamlining your development process and ensuring your applications perform at their best. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual code reviews and embrace the future of code analysis, powered by artificial intelligence.

Experience Unparalleled Maintainability

Simplify your ABAP code maintenance with OpenAI's intelligent recommendations, designed to make your code more readable, modular, and maintainable. Our AI-driven insights empower your development team to create cleaner, more efficient code, enabling seamless collaboration and updates. Harness the power of OpenAI and transform your SAP ABAP custom code analysis process today.

We have been working on the use of AI in the area of log analysis and SAP ABAP source code recognition for years

Identify dangerous patterns in SAP source code


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