Darknet Intelligence und Cyber Threat Research

The dark side of the business internet

The Darknet is always good for a headline and is the term for the true evil of the Internet.
But any corporate security department need to know what real threat the Darknet is for their company and effectively use that information to defend it. So it needs insight into the world of the other web.

The world of Darknet Intelligence

There is an inherent fear of the Dark Net, and for a good reason. There is a high level of threat potential and attack vectors in the current forums and communication channels of the darknet. This includes the sale of drugs, weapons, stolen credit cards and identity theft, as well as gaps in websites, theft of patents and critical information, and especially the sale of critical passwords of individual companies.

The other side of the dark power

But not everything on the dark web is bad and obviously not everyone has criminal intentions. The TOR browser, which enables browsing the dark Internet, was originally set up to provide privacy, protect against surveillance, and allow dissidents in oppressive countries to remain anonymous. Today, much of it is kidnapped by cybercriminals.

It’s important to understand what the Dark Web really is and how it works, what threats it has and how you can protect your business from it. And perhaps the most important thing to understand is that you are especially vulnerable as a company.

Darknet intelligence and monitoring

Monitoring the dark web and gaining an intelligence image is quickly becoming an important part of the cybersecurity arsenal. However, it may not be the wisest course of action to do this manually without adequate expertise – quite apart from the legal implications.

Cyber ​​intelligence vendors like us, along with our partners, can bring that expertise and do not have to dive into the Dark Web on their own. The approach is to monitor the Darknet, detect threats, and provide customers with a picture of the threat intelligence that can be used to prevent attacks, mitigate damage, and help investigators connect the points of the threat landscape.

Services for Darknet Intelligence

We can provide – as a one-time package – the following services in the area of Darknet Intelligence together with our partner sixgill

  •   Summary information from extensive research in Darknet on previously defined topics
  •      Search for company name, products, patents, abuse
  •      Password lists
  •      Customer data or other sensitive data for sale
  •      Preparation for the customer-specific SIEM system or SPLUNK and transfer of the results as automated threat analyzes (MITER, TAXI etc.)
  •      Hand-Out: presentation and summary with one-off package

Log (2) works together with partner companies and these investigations are organized together and meet all the requirements of the European GDPR.

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